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This is Coco's page.
Starting fall of 2021 we started 'Cocos Ride'
Where we transport and deliver dogs nation wide for 2 local breeders,
Outback Kennels and Bow Creek Kennels

   Being retired, we are able to get out and travel and meet new friends (as well as keep the lights turned on) and have a wonderful time helping these great dogs get to their for-ever homes. We converted the back of our Ford Escape to hold secured kennels, inside with us and turned facing us so we can talk to them and help keep them calm.
1. Kennels are secured for their safety.
2. Dogs are exercised at regular intervals on long trips, and of course feed and watered.
3. They are NEVER left alone in the car.
4. We have different size kennels that we keep very clean.
5. We charge by mileage, not by the number of dogs or number of stops.
6. We really enjoy what we do and spoil our passengers :-)

   You can contact us by cell # 785-476-8081 or on FaceBook at, #cocosride
(note) We normally keep in contact during trips by 'text' so if you don't text please let us know.

We got Coco as a puppy in the fall of 2012. And we spoil the fire out of him, but he is a very 'good boy', Potty trained within 2 weeks, does not chew on anything but his toys and doesn't even tare them up. Likes to give kisses and little kids. Being part poodle he doesn't shed. He goes everywhere we do or most of the time we just don't go.
Here are a few cute pictures.

Feel free to: E-Mail: Chris and Donna Jensen
PO Box 3
Kensington, Ks. 66951

Cell, 785-476-8081

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