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Custom Cabinet Shop.
216 E. Ash st. Kensington, Ks. 66951

We are, Chris & Donna Jensen, accompanied by, Coco.
We do like doing 'Projects' :-)And going on adventures...

   2021, I turn 70 this year and will be taking some time off to go Gold Prospecting this summer. Hopefully we will have some gold nugget jewelry this fall. Wish us luck :-)
UPDATE to the mining adventure.

    This was our latest project. It's a heavily modified Porsche 917 style body that was first made in 1972 and is # 007. The drive train is from an early 1972 Porsche 911-T, air-cooled 6 cyl. with a 5 speed transaxle. It's a little, rocket ship...
Click on the picture to see it's build diary.

   UPDATE, 2020 was a hard year, we lost our 917 to a fire :-( No insurance, but thanks to some help from some great friends, we have another one we are starting on,

A few projects we have done.

 A TR3 we restored, Donna's first attempt at upholstery and it came out just like stock.
 A restore/remodel we did, click on the picture to see more about it.
 A car I had in High school, my first paint job.

    Right now, among other things, we are remodeling our bathroom. I will add more photos as we go.
Finished our display case.

Restarting on the bathroom,

Our Hoosier design, solid cherry with a slide out cutting board counter. Before and after.

outside shop

Always something going on inside.
I know, it looks messy, but I know where everything is.

The Galley of a vintage yacht we did a few years ago. Solid Kentucky Cherry. Before and after.

The kitchen of a house we built in Kentucky. It is made from one Oak tree, Quarter sawn.

A couple kitchens I did in Texas April and May 2019.

Here is a link to the video tour of the house below, Barndo 158 tour.

We can build you a simple kitchen or an entire house full of cabinets.

    I am semi-retired and built my first set of kitchen cabinets when I was 18.
  To build things that last, you can't make them out of cheap material. I use only quality material, NO parical board or MDF junk.
  Good hardware and materials are expensive, but being semi-retired and having my own shop, I can save you in labor.

Here is a link by Home Adviser, Average cabinet cost 2019.

UPDATE 2020, Due to the shut-downs material prices are going up nation wide :-( .

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