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Retired woodworker, we now spend our time working on 'put-off' projects around the house
and we deliver dogs and puppies for a couple local breeders, Bow Creek Kennels and Outback Kennels
And we go by the name Cocos Ride.
Located in Kensington, Ks. 66951

We are, Chris & Donna Jensen, accompanied by, Coco.
We will deliver your dog safe and secure inside our modified Town and Country Van anywhere in the nation.
We have kennels for all sizes, from Greyhounds to Puppies.

Behind our seats,
We made a play area, with a kennel door open,
With lots of shredded newspaper they tend to use it for potty brakes.
That really helps us keep it clean     


A few projects we have done in the past.

 A TR3 we restored, Donna's first attempt at upholstery and it came out just like stock.
 A restore/remodel we did, click on the picture to see more about it.
 A 1972 Porsche 911 w/917 style body, took us 17 years to build. Lost in a fire :-(
 We still like prospecting
 A car I had in High school, my first paint job.

    Right now, among other things, we are remodeling our bathroom. I will add more photos as we go.
Finished our display case.

Restarting on the bathroom,

Our Hoosier design, solid cherry with a slide out cutting board counter. Before and after.

outside shop

Always something going on inside.
I know, it looks messy, but I know where everything is.

The Galley of a vintage yacht we did a few years ago. Solid Kentucky Cherry. Before and after.

The kitchen of a house we built in Kentucky. It is made from one Oak tree, Quarter sawn.

    We are now retired from woodworking. When we are not out delivering furry bundles of joy, we are working on our own 'to-do' list .
And helping people learn about the importance of good water :-).

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   We also try to share our experience with Alkaline Antioxidant Water. We are all 70% water, so what we drink is very important.
A acidic body invites disease and a general brake down of the immune system.
Causing things like arthritis, acid reflux, type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, just to name a few.

   ALL sodas are the most acidic things you can drink, but they make the soda companies a lot of money and are the # 1 cause of health problems and cancer in America.
Cut those out of your diet and you will see major improvements in your health...
To go one step farther, start drinking Alkaline Antioxidant Waterand see the wonderful things that start improving in your body.
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