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A picture is worth a thousand words.
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Hi, We are Chris, Donna & Coco Jensen, Welcome :-)
We are bandsaw artists and you can see some of what we create, HERE.
I think this is a link to Our Google+ page.

We have been making cabinets and our unique design jewelry boxes and chests since 1989, have won numerous awards and have them literally all over the world including one in the Smithsonian.
Donna also makes re purposed hand made jewelry.

Just click on an image below to take you to that page.

Some of the stuff we do and have done in our Wood Shop 
Some jewelry we have made 
Kangen Water, Changed our life ! 
Porsche 911T
1938 'R'Escape 42' yacht 
About us. 
Our Gold Mine 
Coco on the beach. 
Chesapeke 32, Remodeling inside 
'Business Opportunity'

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