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We are a retired couple with a little dog named Coco.
Live in this small house in the neat little town of Kensington, Kansas
Where we have a nice sized shop (we call it our toy room) and make jewelry/treasure boxes, design jewelry, sew and work on restoring our 1973 Porsche.
And we share water with and educate people about #AlkalineAntioxidantWater .
   Update 2017,  We decided for the new year to try and do all the 'healthy' things and change all the bad habits we could think of for 3 months. After all 3 months is not forever and just maybe some of these new habits might stick. (update) we cut down our added sugar by at least 2/3's.
   One thing I already knew was, I was consuming too much white sugar and months ago I started substituting honey, not the same but I figured I would get used to it and I have cut down on sugar a lot.
Donna had switched to coconut sugar (one of the 'healthy' sugars)but it was still sugar, right? Well it was time to do more research, just like I did when we first found out about #AlkalineAntioxidantWater and here is what I found out.
Sugar is sugar, white, brown or what ever.

Also, 1, In 2009 the American Heart Association suggested women (120 lbs) consume no more than 6 teaspoons (25 grams) of added sugar and men (175 lbs) no more than 9 teaspoons (37.5 grams) per day.
    2, Sugar is the food that cancer and degenerative disease live off.
So even thought we felt so much better by getting our bodies alkaline instead of the acidic levels that degenerative disease likes we were still consuming some of the wrong foods.

I just turned 66 and before getting this filter machine, I had almost lost the use of my left arm, it hurt so bad and now I not only don't hurt anymore, Donna has gone from 22 meds a day down to 2 (can you imagine the savings?), her colesteral is down 100 points, blood pressure down, weight off and energy up.
We have found that until someone has a chance to see what kind of health improvements just drinking good healthy water will do for them, it's just hard to believe.

If you would like to try it for your self, most people that have one are very happy to share water with others, because it is life changing for so many. No one is ever allowed to charge for the water.
It's best to have your own containers (glass of course is best) and figure on getting fresh water at least a couple times a week for 2 or 3 weeks.
To give it a good test, please don't drink ANY sodas or sport/energy drinks. If you drink coffee, make it with the water. If you drink beer, do so only with full meals.
If you can do those 3 things, just for the test period, you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

If you are ready to get your own, just visit the company site, www.enagic.com You must have a distributor number to order from the site, please use our's
# 1126563 and we will be your personal representative to answer all your questions and help you on your journey to a more healthy pain free life.

If you would like help in locating someone in your area that would be willing to share some water, feel free to get a hold of us.
Your health is the greatest gift, give the gift of health this year. The best machine and the only one certified a medical device is cheaper than you might think,
We are a Factory approved Kangen Alkaline Antioxidant WaterTM Machine Distributor.

Learn all about the machines Here.
Online Demo; www.kangendemo.com

SUPER HYDRATION, you can even drink it while running, no slosh, it gets absorbed. + extra electrolytes.

The healthiest and most affordable thing you can do for your body.

Let us show you the benefits of drinking healthy Alkaline Antioxidant water
and the positive impact it can have on your health and life.

Join our team and have your dreams come true.

Chris or Donna at, Cell # 785-476-8081

We can show you how you can own your Healthy, Alkaline Antioxidant Ionized Water Machine for as Little as
$20 per month.

Here are a few links of interest,

This is our blog, where we can share our experiences and what we have learned.
www.enagic.com OUR COMPANY SITE, (water uses and machines)Use distributor number, to order anything.
www.Enagic.com Kangen Water home page. (filters and machine supplies)
www.creditcards.com Additional finance options.

5 stage 85 GPD Reverse osmosis system w/4 gallon tank, final is carbon filter still needs a re-mineral filter.
$139 with free shipping
Standard size 2.5 x 10 inch remineralization filter
only $29.90 free shipping.

Permeate pump kit, Requires no electricity, powered by energy from drain water of a RO system. Improves recovery rates by as much as 400%, increases production of water and increases the efficiency of the RO system. Reduces waste water by as much as 80%, Effective for inlet water pressure as low as 30 psi, Fills product tank up to 4 times faster. A must have for any RO system to increase output and save water in areas where water is in short supply.
$54.99 with free shipping

This is a great opportunity.

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Feel free to: E-Mail: Chris and Donna Jensen
PO Box 3
Kensington, Ks. 66951

Cell, 785-476-8081

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