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    Update; I'm hoping to take the metal detectors and spend a month in the spring of 2016, just before the mosquitos come out.
  Well that did work out and had a great time. It was the first time we had a chance to get back out there since Donna's heart surgery.

If anyone would like to go with us sometime (for 2 to 6 weeks ?). We would charge $1,000 and you have to sign a pledge not to disclose it's location.
But you get to keep ALL you find.

We enjoy the mountains, camping and prospecting. Here are a few pictures of the mine we are working when we get the chance and a few from the past.
doing a sampling
Here I'm doing a little sampling and recirculating the water.
As found
This is what it looked like as found. Near as I can tell the last time it was worked was in the 30's.
Inside the mine, that is Donna's light. This is an ancient river channel high up the mountain. Even the forest service has no record of it.
6inch and 4inch
2001, All season on the Middle Fork of the American River in Calif. with a 4 inch and a 6 inch.
Under water with the 6 inch.
Doing a little clean-up.
Donna doing what she likes best.
Big project
Back a few years, A mining operation I ran in Idaho.
Here ia a little something I found once,
About the size of a football. And yes that yellow metal is gold.
Found this cool grinding rock, no telling how old it is.

Tents set up.

Feel free to: E-Mail: Chris, Donna Jensen
216 E. Ash St.
PO Box 3
Kensington, Kansas 66951
Cell, 785-476-8081

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