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Update, 4-24-21

     A young man found me, he is new to prospecting and volunteered to help me pack my stuff in. :-)
Looks like the weather is going to cool for a couple days as well. So Sunday I'll be doing the 850 mile drive south and than first thing Monday morning, put on a pack and go for a walk. With some things already down there, my pack will only be 1/2 of what it was last time :-)

Updated, 4-20-21

     Last week was a tough week, after all the planing and waiting, finally getting back to the mountains and river I lived in, in my 20's and 30's. That now, about to turn 70 and living a bunch of years in Kansas :-)
   It took me 6 hours, with a decent backpacking load, just to get down to the river. After going through an emergency room experience of heat hypothermia in the Texas desert a few years ago. I recognized the signs, for example, the feeling of only sipping water rather than taking a big drink, because you know it would just come right back up.
Well that is were I was at, totally exhausted all over and heart pounding all the rest of that afternoon.
After praying for guidance all night, He showed me that trying to pack in 7 more loads (enough to set-up my camp for 2 months) would probably kill me and take the fun right out of it.
Sooo, The next day after leaving behind crevicing tools, food and a small tent, with a now light pack it takes me another 6 hours to climb back up out of that canyon. Arriving back at the car on the verge of being sick.
Than 'good by' to the river and the long drive back to where I left Donna and Coco helping a very good friend though a recovery in Washington state.
All that between last Tuesday 4/13 and Saturday.

    Now, with time to think on it. The only way I could go back down there would be to have supplies set in on the river sand-bar for both in and out and be able to walk down with just a water bottle.
There are helicopter services in the Sierra Foothills out of Sacramento that can do the job, I just can't afford it :-(
Butt, Just in case There is someone or a group that would like a guild to an area that I believe would be perfect for metal-detecting, (Calif does not allow dredges or even pumps).
A small valley with 2 mountain sides (one of which is capped by an ancient river channel)known for it's large gold and pocket veins. And all indications are that there has not been anyone there in 150 years :-)
The way I look at it, (I love to see people find gold). With all the research I've done for this location, I'm looking for a vein pocket. If anyone in the group finds a vein, even me, we all get an equal share. Any placer gold found goes to the finder.
Let me be clear, although an adventure like this is legal, that does not make it safe. This is a very remote location in VERY steep canyons along side poison-oak, rattle snakes and bears. Without great care a person can get hurt badly or even killed.
It could also be the time of your life.

    Anyway I don't know how long I will be out west before we go back to Kansas, but wanted to throw this out there.

    11/2020; I'm hoping to take the metal detectors and creviceing tools and spend a month in the spring of 2021, just before the mosquitos come out.

We enjoy the mountains, camping and prospecting. Here are a few pictures of the mine we are working when we get the chance and a few from the past.
doing a sampling  Here I'm doing a little sampling and recirculating the water.
As found  This is what it looked like as found. Near as I can tell the last time it was worked was in the 30's.
Underground  Inside the mine, that is Donna's light. This is an ancient river channel high up the mountain. Even the forest service has no record of it.
6inch and 4inch  2001, All season on the Middle Fork of the American River in Calif. with a 4 inch and a 6 inch.
Dredging  Under water with the 6 inch.
Panning  Doing a little clean-up.
Fishing  Donna doing what she likes best.
Big project  Back a few years, A mining operation I ran in Idaho.
Gold  Here ia a little something I found once,
About the size of a football. And yes that yellow metal is gold.
Artafact  Found this cool grinding rock, no telling how old it is.
Tents set up.

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