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Here are some before and after pictures of the 42 ft. 1938 Monk designed yacht that we spent 6 years off and on restoring.

We bought it Thanksgiving 2008 and we have been a live-aboard ever since with trips back and forth to Kansas. Our kids and grandkids live there and that is where our woodshop is.
It's a beautiful boat, a great place to be, a huge amount of living space. (Basically a 2 story, 2 bedroom, full living room, large galley with dinette area, onboard shower, bathroom, 2 covered decks, a forward deck, enclosed pilothouse, floating apartment that you can take out fishing.
Like living in a work of art and big enough for a family of 4 or 5.

Starting with the as found picture and us coming into Moss Landing Harbor, Monterey Bay. After spending part of December and January sailing it up the coast from southern California between storms. Never piloted a boat in open ocean before, defiantly was an adventure.

Being a Ed Monk Sr. design and built in 1938 ENTIRELY of mahogany, the hull was in great shape. The problems were where fresh water was allowed to get in and in those areas we either replaced the mahogany or remodeled with Kentucky Cherry or Black Walnut. Must see, check out the pictures.
Located in Moss Landing Harbor, on C - dock,in the heart of Monterey Bay.
Now for pictures,
This is August 10th 2013, It was just hauled out and bottom painted with the best 65% copper paint in July 2013.

The stainless steel Bar-B-Que is bolted to the top of the dock box and both are included.
All plumbing has been replaced and there is a 6 gallon 110v water heater.
A refrigerator with separate freezer door.
3 burner gas stove with automatic oven.
Lots of storage.
  Completely replaced the side with the windows.
Was able to save the sliding door.
A close up of the wheel and dash.
Looking out the pilothouse, Hwy 1 is in the distance out the window.
Pilothouse as found.
On the starboard side is a 6 ft bench seat and the sliding door.
The table goes down and makes a bed.
Looking out the middle window you can see strait down the harbor channel and can watch the boats go in and out, refuel and be hauled out by the lift.
looking down onto the lower rear deck.
Removed the old tanks under the rear deck and completely rebuilt that area.
  the dropleaf table is spalted hardrock maple.  The galley has been completely redone in Kentucky Cherry,
Stainless steel counter top. 
Galley as found.
Galley as found.
A picture of the roof/upper deck being removed during renovation.
The salon or living room. before
Big enough for a couple recliners or even a sofa.
A flat screen TV and second pilot station,
The 4 Cyl. Perkins Diesel has had a valve job and tune-up (starts right up with NO starting fluid). and is located under the salon floor.
From the salon you go forward into the double bunk area with lots of storage a hanging cloths closet a chain locker and ladder up the forward hatch and onto the forward deck.
To the left is the forward head (we use a port-a-potie).
It looks alot better in person.

The sink area and our Enagic 'Kangen Water' machine.
For more info, click Here.
This machine and company have been a life saver for us in several ways.
I just turned 62 and since getting this machine, I not only don't hurt anymore, Donna is off pain meds for the first time in 35 years, her colesteral is down 100 points, blood pressure down, weight off and energy up.
We are just plain healthier.
And by just giving away FREE water to people, they in turn want a machine and we get a commission and are now earning a good living and helping people feel and live better.
If you would like to do the same just give us a call or email. We will help you all we can. 'Kangen Water'

Chris and Donna Jensen
PO Box 3
Kensington, Ks. 66951
Cell, 785-476-8081
Sometimes it rings, sometimes it doesn't.
Email, chris@wildwoodcrafters.com