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Chesapeake '32'

1962, made in Denmark by, Danboats
Hull # 29 of 95 built
A fin keel masthead sloop designed by, Philip Rhodes
Inboard Yanmar 2 cylinder diesel

This picture is right after getting it back in the water after being in dry dock, repairing a crake in the rutter post and repainting the bottom.
We had just bought it at auction, The previous owner had pulled out everything on the inside except the engine.
UPDATE, We have sold the Myth to Joseph Adams, Can't wait to see how he is doing on the insides.

Updated, 3-10-2013
Here are a few pictures just before handing it off to Joseph,
in dry dock  sealing the joint between the lead ballist and the keel  ready to set back in ! 
bringing it to it's new home  seeing if the sail goes up, kind of dirty.  maybe a little cheese with your wine ? 
looking forward  the v-birth  Yanmar 2GM 
sanded and primered the wood, time to leave again :-(

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