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Thank you for stopping by. We are your Factory approved Enagic Kangen WaterTM Machine Distributor. Our distributor # 7282717
This link is for the Kangen WaterTM online demo,www.Kangendemo.com
We hope that you would like to join our team and have your dreams come true like they are for us.
When you are ready to change your life, you can just call or email us at: wildwood42728@yahoo.com . You can contact us, Chris & Donna Jensen at, Cell # 785-476-8081
Why everybody needs a Kangen WaterTM machine !

Machine quality and the look-a-likes,

We are involved because there is a need to educate other people about what we eat and drink. They say you are what you eat. Well being 75% to 85% water we are even more what we drink.
At first I said I'll find a cheaper machine and got a Venus Jupiter machine, after reading up on the Internet (do you know people and company's can lie on the Internet and there is nothing anyone can do about it.) well to make a long story short, her improvements quickly went down hill fast. In fact she got sicker and sicker, so I looked farther.
Do you know of anything of quality to be made in China? Yes Taiwan is a Republic of China. (Im reminded of recent recalls of baby furniture and toys with lead based paint all from China, do they not like us?) That was when I learned that our company was the only company making the original water ionizer machine. Please go HERE, for more information.
As far as I'm concerned the others are junk, now they may work for a month or two depending on how hard your water is and pretty much everyone in the United States has hard water to some degree (and that voids their warranty but not ours) and we have a machine starting at only $1480. So why would anybody risk a thousand or two on a cheap machine ?
People need to be informed.

The environment, and going green,

We have a major ecological disaster in the making and plastic bottles are fast becoming a major problem.
They say we have a floating Island of mostly plastic waste caught in the whirlpool in the middle of the Pacific bigger than Texas!
National Geographic says, "Imagine a water bottle filled a quarter of the way up with oil. That's about how much oil was needed to produce the bottle."

One of the waters (it makes 7 different grades of water)it makes is strong enough to kill E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, campylobacter and molds on contact and is harmless to us, so you can replace all your disinfecting chemicals with this and not worry your kids are going to drink it.
Another water is so alkaline and full of so much oxygen that it will clean just about everything, the best stain remover my wife has ever seen. And again completely safe and non polluting cause it's water.
Restaurants use it to clean everything from counter tops to vegetables and meat so no one gets sick.
And than another water to cook with and because the water molecules are so small they really penetrate into the ingredients and spices and bring out ALL the flavor.
Here are a few links of interest,

www.futurefoundationwater.com Michael Kinnett (Great resources and info)
Distributor info sites,
www.Enagic.com Kangen Water home page. (filters and machine supplies)
www.6Atools.com Eli & Jillina Dafesh, Great tools and assouriees, get on their Email list, FREE weekly training calls, up comimg events.
www.mykangentools.com Brochures, DVD's & Spanish materials.
www.Kangensigns.com Vehicle graphics, banners and flip charts.
www.Kangen1info.com Finance options, free forms, water containers, articles.
www.esigns.com Online printer, magnetic signs, cards and stickers.
www.creditcards.com Additional finance options.

This is a great opportunity because of the needs that it fulfills.

The Company

Mr. Oshshiro is very proud of his company and the quality of his machines and the almost miraculous results everyone is experiencing with them.
His vision is 3 fold ; physical health, spiritual health, financial health, = a healthy life.
So for our financial health he has designed a patented direct sales marketing program. Which means instead of big stores gobbling up profits and making 'fat cats' fatter, you can only get a machine from someone that has a machine.
It's called the direct sales system where the profits are divided into 8 pieces and they go directly to the people making the sales or getting the referrals. That is a simplified explanation, no it is not a pyramid or MLM scheme. There is no inventory or auto-ship to maintain. There is no time limits, you can do this at your own time, your own pace or not at all. You can enjoy a substantial income, supplement your currant income, or just enough to pay for your machine.

We do this in teams. So if you are ready for a change, we would love to
have you on our team and will help you every step of the way.

More to come,

Feel free to: E-Mail: Chris, Donna Jensen

Cell, 785-476-8081

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