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Arriving Moss Landing after 2 month trip from L.A. 
'R' Escape

1938 Monk design 42 ft Yacht
Builder, Unknown
Inboard 4 cylinder Perkins Diesel
Boat number,

In 2006 we bought the boat off Ebay when we were in Kentucky for Thanksgiving. Of all the things you need a licence for, operating a boat is not one of them, even in California. We never had a boat before and had quite the adventure moving it up the coast from port to port in December and arriving at Moss Landing in January.
Since than it has been alot of repairing, rebuilding and remodeling.


What follows are some updated pictures of what we have done. The boat hull is mahogany and in very good shape. The rest of the boat was also mahogany, but mahogany does not like rain water. So there was several problems above the water line.
To start off we had to take the back deck/galley roof completely off and pull all the galley cabinets on the starboard side. We remodeled it with cherry roof bows and cabinets to both sides of the galley and a drop leave table in the middle.
The aft deck and steps were torn out along with the old fuel and water tanks, plastic secondary fuel and waste water tanks were added than a new deck and steps to the upper deck. We also did not like the lift lid to get down into the galley and so remodeled it with a raised portion that serves as a table upstairs and than double doors for going down all out of Black Walnut. We built a heavy vinyl canopy with Walnut frame work and Mahogany bows. Ect. Ect.
this shows a tarp on top, but the vinyl canopy is now done.
the bridge  lower rear deck  foreward v-birth 
before, roof coming off  galley after  table now has drop leaves 
  Perkins Diesel   

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