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Rebuilding a Laser 917 (A body)

    A little back story ; The Laser 917 was first made by Elite Enterprises in Minnesota in 1972 as a 'body kit' tribute to the Porsche 917. Being one of the most iconic and winningest race cars of the 70's until rule changes forced it out of racing, Steve Mc Queen did a movie with the 917 called "le Mans". The original Porsche 917's are now priced in the millions, a little out of my reach :-).
    There was a total of 685 Laser 917 body kits made in 4 slightly different variations, the 'A' body and 'B' body I like the best and than the 'C' and 'D' bodies that did changes to the front and rear ends.
They are what is called a "Kit" because it was just the body and you had to supply the frame, running gear and everything else to make it a car, Oh and yea, put it together your self :-)
    This is our 2nd one, you can see the build diary of our first one, 917-1. The first one took us 16 years, we hope to have this one done by spring.

     Click on pictures to enlarge.

    Off the trailer and in the front yard. First thing to do is remove (the diaper).

    11-12-21,  OK, I got the body mounted up high and mostly out of the way. Read on to see about getting the body to this point.
Now after getting the running gear all taken apart and rebuilt than put back together...
That means we have a just completely gone through 1964 floor pan (complete with Neb. title), with 1974 dual-port 1600 engine that has just had the top-end rebuilt,
new cylinders and pistons with heads rebuilt in a auto machine shop.

The body up and out of the way.

Engine, 1974 dual-port 1600 cc.
Just finishing a rebuild.

New axle boots, brake flex hoses, drums turned, new cylinders and brake shoes,
I lowered the swing arms 1 notch so it will sit more level.

New brake master cylinder and both wheel cylinders, drums turned and new brake shoes, also a solid and both flexible brake lines were replaced
The lower driver side ball joint was replaced, and the steering dampener was replaced, wheel bearing were repacked and adjusted.
The running gear complete with clear title,
$5,000 with the new tires.
$7,000 for body and all :-)

Click pictures to enlarge them...
1-1-21, This is what has been prepped on the body !

Dash area.
Behind the seats.
First thing to do in the shop is pull the body off,

A few before pictures,

A nice floor repair here.

A little cleaning before starting,

Now for taking it apart to repair or rebuild,

Back to the body, first thing is to take out the old fuel tank,

    After the tank is gone sanding and repairs, painted a good Gloss White.
Now while I wait on parts to come in, try to find about 4 guys to help me turn the body upside down to work on the underside and make working on the headliner easier.

    Update, Took off the body and turned it over to start body modifications.
a short slide show of how the front air tunnel is made and installed,Air Tunnel.

    Than time for a refreshing of the running gear, starting with the brakes.

    Pan ready for the body, new lower ball joint, drivers side. New steering dampener, wheel bearings, axle boots and the engine top end is being rebuilt, heads are done.

    The engine is back together and thought a bunch of new chrome would be nice. And a short movie of the 2nd time starting the engine (note the little plastic bottle for gas.
Click for video of engine running.
    2 seat shells and doors.
And a extra windshield is included.
This is how it now sits,
I have not done anything else to it since I started the engine.
I am in my 70's now and as much fun as the first one we did was, it did take me 16 years,
I don't want to wait that long again, so I'm throwing in the towel.
With the running gear all ready to go, what it needs now is a fuel tank, wiring and finish up the interior just the way you like it.
PRICE is a firm $7,000 for everything including the extra windshield.
We are located in Kensington, Kansas 66951.
Any questions just call, Chris & Donna 785-476-8081
Or Email, chris@wildwoodcrafters.com

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