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Welcome to our Team page.
If you are not part of our team, please consider joining us, it's free.

I truly believe everyone in the world needs one of these machines, And, before long most everyone will have one or have access to one.
30 years ago hardly anyone had a microwave, now almost everyone has one.
'A need to be filled' think of the potential!
   Enagic, is by far the best,
A. Everyone agrees Alkaline, Ionized Water is good for the body.
B. Everyone compares themselves to Enagic.
C. I think of the other ones as $10 coffee pots,      I have tried them they do start out working, if you have hard water at all their little screens and cheap metals inside corrodes and quits working while releasing who knows what impurity metals into the water. Some companies even add salt to the filter to get higher PH and ORP. It corrodes the metals faster and you get the salt.
Softer water will help the cheaper machines last a little longer. Note, corrosion voids their warranty.

Here is where we can give tips and advice.

   To start off with this can be a business, that means you can take tax deductions for all kinds of things including the purchase price of your machine, mileage, supplies, printer, what ever is for the business. There is one thing to remember "you have to have an income before you can have a loss" that means you only need one commission to qualify for the year.

   My best advice is, "Become a water person" you will be amazed at how much better you feel and everything just works better. Than tell people about it, don't keep it a secret, you want them to fell better too, don't you?
Get a DVD or two and just show it or even loan it, (1)
Give away water, (2)
Some people just can't handle new information, the old saying, 'you can lead someone to Water but you can't make them drink' still holds true. Just let those people go, they will come around later.
Some will not give up soda or sport drinks, so the water won't work.
For the people that try it, 95% have very positive results.
It's just that easy.

   More and more people are shopping on line like me. (That was why I at first bought a not so cheap off brand water machine that made my wife sick. And the complaint department was an Email address, You can come visit us anytime.)
  Anyway thing is once you have a machine the Enagic Web System is a factory approved web presence that is a lot more than just a web site. It has with it what is called 'the back office' that keeps track of prospects and sends emails and news letters, has banners, integrated with social media, facebook templates, all kinds of neat things to help you get out there. Plus numerous video tutorials to show you how to use it. And they give a months trial for free.

(1)Note about loaning DVD's or books, We have found about 1 out of 5 will watch the DVD without being reminded.
(2)Note, What we do is, we will give water to anyone, and we set aside every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as 'water days' and we deliver water in gallon jugs like the old milkman. When someone has seen or agrees to watch the DVD than we take them water for 3 to 4 weeks. Normally within a week or two they are talking about changes they have noticed and we continue to take them water after their machine is ordered till it arrives.
If you need help or have questions, Call or email
Need a testimonial of what it has done for us, Call

Feel free to: E-Mail: Chris and Donna Jensen
PO Box 3
Kensington, Ks. 66951

Cell, 785-476-8081

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