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Some past projects we had alot of fun working on.

These kitchen cabinets we made from one large oak tree we were able to quarter-saw. The ribbon effect in quarter-sawn is very pretty and makes the wood very stable.
Look close and those 4 panels that look like they have a feather in the middle are book matched grown over knots from deep within the tree.

This is the house we built to put the oak cabinets in. Starting with cutting the trees and dragging them out so Gary could cut them up on his bandsaw mill.
It's a 4 level one bedroom octagon shaped house down in the woods with a full size pool table in the loft.

A 1960 Triumph TR3 we completely restored in one winter,
A log cabin I built in 1978 (?) Elevation, 7000' Location, in the Sawtooth Range of the Rockies, Idaho. I spent several years here playing hermit. Quiet, went for a walk everyday.
My lovely wife Donna when we revisited it in 2001. The critters have made a mess inside. Otherwise it was like going back in time...

I was reading "The Hobbit" when I built it. The door opens to the inside. Snow gets from 12 to 14 feet deep and completely covers the cabin.
A small wood stove w/oven on the side (30 gal barrel + 5 gal cooking oil can). The bed is hinged against the wall, rests just over the table or push it up and hook it to the roof.

In the beginning,

Our 6 month project turned into 6 years. What a place to live, a floating 2 story apartment in the heart of Monterey Bay that you can take out fishing.

Had to cut out the entire upper deck/roof and all the cabinets. We did save the stainless sink.

We redid everything in Cherry.

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